About The Project

KARIM is the Knowledge Acceleration and Responsible Innovation Meta-network, it aims at facilitating knowledge transfer across North West Europe (NWE), in 6 main fields:

  • ICT (Information & Communication Technologies)
  • Smart Energy Systems
  • Environmental Technologies
  • Eco-toxicology
  • Nano-bio Science & engineering
  • Bio-medical Technologies

Europe’s future economic growth will have to come from innovation in products, services and business models; we need to be better at turning research into new and better services and products if we are to remain competitive in the global marketplace and improve the quality of life in Europe.

KARIM will enable to meet this goal. We are committed to sharing innovation and improving small and medium sized enterprises’ access to high value innovation support and technology in order to make NWE more competitive.

The KARIM project will be delivered by a consortium drawn from universities, innovation support agencies, regional and national agencies and, crucially, business representative organisations. By 2014 the project will have created a strategic network of more than 500 innovation actors and will provide a range of innovative yet practical offerings for all who share the vision of creating a more competitive Europe.

KARIM programme is implemented through 17 actions. These actions will create transnational support for innovation and technology transfer; provide SMEs access to a wider range of high quality technologies and innovation support than available locally; increase capacity of SMEs and universities to access and provide support transnationally; and reduce regional disparities in SME access to innovation support and technology.

Actions will demonstrate the value of the network in improving SME competitiveness; change existing infrastructures to sustain transnational access by SMEs; and lead increased adoption of the approach at all policy levels. Funding will be used to modify existing, regionally-based support to enable transnational access and piloting of actions building on established best-practice from two or more regions.

The strategic aim of the project is influence policy at all levels and increase investment in transnational innovation support and technology transfer.The project is a proposed strategic initiative, responding to the call for a ‘NWE Knowledge transfer network’ under INTERREG IV B.

Published Approaches in PDF:

Action 01 Innovation Map

Action 02-12 Market Foresighting

Action 04​ Open forums

Action 05 Open Calls

Action 06 Staff exchange

Action 07 Responsible Innovation

Action 08 Student Placement Programme

Action 09 University-spinout companies

Action 10 Business Development Managers

Action 11 Training Academic actors

Action 13 RID tool

Action 14 Responsible approaches to innovation

Action 15 Transnational Strategies

Action 16 Innovation Financing​​

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