Call for expertise : « Responsible IT »

How to design more sustainable ICT?

3rd dec 2013 PM – Paris – France


Direct electricity use of the Internet is probably around 10% of total electricity consumption, said Jon Koomey Research Fellow at Stanford University.

That surprising fact is a reality that we often deny for the sake of New Technologies: Energy consumption and electronic waste are just the begining. In our digital world, where Internet and electronic devices are omnipresent : Which innovations will allow us to consider a more responsible future in ICT? If you are concerned about this issue, the European Project KARIM invites you to participate to the next OPEN FORUM, the meeting place for academic and private expertises and innovative SMEs across Northwest Europe.

We call on expertise for the following non-exclusive topics:

–        Economic Hardware:

  • Data center of the future
  • Semiconductors green manufacturing
  • Powering through Renewable energy (energy harvesting for mobile device)

–        Eco-designed software:

  • Green coding
  • Solutions to assist users

–        Services for new uses:

  • End of life recovery, recycling, urban mining
  • Increased material duration
  • Social ICT: inclusion, digital divide, etc..

Provisional program (half-day)

–         Conference Presentations:

  • 1-2 Laboratories
  • 5-6 innovative SMEs
  • 1-2 Organizations

–        Training

–       Speed business networking

If you are willing to share your knowledge on these matters and if you want to meet European stakeholders in Innovation and ICT from North West Europe. Please contact Thomas Fauvel by e-mail or on his Twitter account

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