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The main purpose of KARIM is to link SME’s and academic research in North West Europe, in order to accelerate knowledge transfer through Responsible Innovation. But what does it mean?

It means we are offering many different tools and features to achieve that goal. Among them: social media. So how do we use existing social networks to help SME’s? There are many approaches to those tools, but here is how we decided to use them, keeping in mind the privacy and intellectual property that innovation can need.



This professional social network is our priority in terms of contact with SME’s, academics and innovation agencies around Europe. We post news relating to our activities, but we also encourage our members to post about their activities in order to promote them and above all, in order to match the right SME and the right research or agency depending on the transnational evolution perspectives.

If you are an SME, an academic, a stakeholder of the innovation in North West Europe or if you have relevant contribution to our network, don’t hesitate to join. (But the KARIM team keeps the right to decline your application, if it is not relevant)

This tool is still in development.


We use the giant video platform as a video gallery for our activities. There, our network can find presentations of the project as well as training videos, testimonies, conferences and also all videos from our partners in Europe.

The relevant video items are contextualized on our website.



We use Twitter to share news from our network: partners, European Institutions and our SME’s (that can be you.. just give us a mention with @Karim_Network)

We also display information on the different topics the project covers:

–          Monday – ICT Information & Communication Technologies

–          Tuesday – Eco-toxicity

–          Wednesday – Environmental technologies

–          Thursday – Biomedical devices

–          Friday – Nanobio-science & engineering

–          Saturday – Energy systems

–          Sunday

NB: Twitter is a living place where everything can go very fast, so we try to cover these areas as frequently as possible but, fortunately, we are not strictly attached to that schedule and we are very open to any suggestions. Please send your links and ideas to cm@karimnetwork.eu


MFG - heidelberg innovation Forum

We are eager to establish a trustworthy environment and develop IRL(In Real Life) AFK (Away From Keyboard) relationships. If you are an innovative SME located in North West Europe and you want to develop your European connections, don’t hesitate to contact our Business Development Managers via BDM@karimnetwork.eu (or via any of the social media above).

PS: You may wonder why we don’t have a Facebook page. The reason is the same as for Google+, we would like to grow a trustworthy, professional environment. Our topics are clearly not mainstream and we don’t want our stakeholders to be lost among cats and partner vacation pictures (nevertheless, we love cats)


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