Objectives of the Project for Universities

Universities and research institutes can make a real contribution to Europe’s growth, competitiveness and societal needs – this is especially critical in these challenging economic times. Transferring knowledge and research to industry can have real benefits, leading to new and better services and products. For universities and research institutes, creating more effective links with industry will open up new sources of research funding and licence income.
The KARIM Project will explore different university practices and pilot initiatives aimed to enhance the role and value that the university-research sector can contribute to industry and society. The Project will develop transnational models aimed at improving the effective transfer of knowledge and technology by:
• Bridging the gap between universities and research institutes and industry so research (technology push) is more relevant to and addresses industry needs  (technology pull)
• Making research expertise more accessible to industry, thereby creating opportunities to develop long lasting industry academia collaborations particularly with SMEs.
• Developing a model of best Business Development practice for universities and research institutes.
• Establishing a transnational network of Business Development support across NWE to maximise the opportunities for universities and research institutes to collaborate with industry partners across boundaries and beyond their national region.
• Enhancing the capacity of researchers and students to consider the commercial application of their research and its impacts and application in new and existing businesses.
• Recognising the importance of responsible innovation in enhancing the value and application of research.
• Looking at how to create effective university spin-outs, which will deliver a real competitive advantage.
• Understanding the regional systems and structures across NWE to support product and market development, technology transfer and innovation management.

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