Responsible Innovation

Good innovation can often start from simple ideas, but the process of getting to a viable business outcome can be long and complex. There is increasing pressure to explore ways of developing new technologies whilst also taking into account environmental and economic risks as well as broader societal issues. Moreover there is a pressure to take more responsible approach to innovation at every stage of the innovation process whether it is in laboratories, industry, manufacturing or policy making.
Responsible Innovation is a new and exciting concept. There is no globally agreed definition at present but we believe that new values can create better opportunities for individuals, societies and the natural environment. Over the life of KARIM we will provide access to the right knowledge at the right time during the innovation process in order to facilitate more responsible outcomes.

We will:

  • Build collaborative networks with academics, businesses and supply chain organisations
  • Generate new knowledge and understanding through application
  • Work with intermediary business support organisations to
  • provide tools for assessing impacts and risks
  • identify ethical sources of finance for the innovation process
  • convert fundamental research into viable commercial applications.

Business Benefits of Responsible Innovation

The KARIM project is specifically aimed at increasing SMEs’ competitiveness in global markets by guiding and supporting them to integrate responsible approaches across their business plans and strategies. It will offer an effective way of:

  • Controlling costs by reducing waste and optimising resource use
  • Reducing risks such as non-compliance
  • Minimising the impact of new regulations
  • Improving compliance with customers environmental requirements
  • Enhanced corporate and social profiles.

KARIM offers:

  • Training sessions on developing Responsible Innovation (RI)
  • Support for SMEs to identify, build and improve their approach to RI
  • Help with funding, training, market studies etc
  • Information and support on management and organisational development.

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