Borne Recharge – Student Placements through Transnational Partnerships

Borne Recharge

Who was involved?
A UK – French Exchange

An alumni Student from Lancaster Environment Centre (LEC), Lancaster University, UK, carried out a five week industry placement with French company Borne Recharge. Business development managers (BDM) in LEC and Paris Region Enterprises, introduced Sharon Crane from Lancaster to John Honoŕe, CEO of Borne Recharge. The BDM’s supported Sharon while she carried out her placement as a Graduate consultant and helped to develop the scope of the project.

Who are Borne Recharge?
What did the Student do?

Borne Recharge is a French company situated in the Observatoire Arrondissement area of Paris. The company have taken a new approach to battery charging points for electric and hybrid vehicles by offering simple solution for charging points in shared spaces such as for tenants of apartment buildings or in shared office accommodation. Borne Recharge wanted to assess what the market would be for such devices in shared parking facilities in the UK and therefore was eager to collaborate through partnerships in the UK. After initially visiting Borne Recharge HQ in Paris, Sharon gained an understanding of the company’s objectives and their development goals in their aims to expand products and services in the UK. Sharon’s role was to analyse the market to determine whether or not there was a place for Borne Recharge products in the UK.  This involved a comprehensive study of UK government policies, compliance regulations, grants, how competitors were establishing their businesses within that framework and sourcing statistics that supported, dispelled and raised new possibilities for Borne Recharge products.





Impact & Outcomes

The study conducted by Sharon supported the launch of Borne Recharge products in the UK, enabling the company to further develop the Borne Recharge concept. This project was a success in terms of transnational knowledge exchange with Director of Borne Recharge, John Honoŕe commending the work achieved by Sharon at the end of her placement “I would like to thank the Team of the KARIM Project for introducing me to Sharon. After a meeting in Paris, she did an incredible job, analysing the market we are looking at. The report is extremely detailed and helps us to better understand the UK market. The next step for our company is to follow Sharon’s recommendations to get into the market as she not only analysed the market she also formulate ideas and approaches. It is a job we could never have achieved by ourselves.” – John Honoŕe of Borne Recharge. The project was also a success in terms of student development and providing hands on experience in the role responsible innovation and the opportunities for transnational knowledge exchange “Its breadth was fascinating, requiring research into very topical UK government policies and compliance regulations” say Sharon “I now understand why this sort of market research is vital for any business contemplating expansion into a new or existing marketplace” – student Sharon Crane


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