Beautanicae – Student Placements through Transnational Partnerships



Who was involved?
An Irish- French Exchange

Students from University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland carried out a placement with French SME, Beautanicae.  Business development managers (BDM) in UCD and Paris Region Entreprise (PRE), introduced the students from UCD to Beautanicae. The BDM’s helped develop the initial scope of the project and supported them during their collaboration with Beautanicae.

Who are Beautanicae?
What did the Student do?



Beautanicae are a beauty and pharmaceutical company based in Paris, France, who focus on skin care products for pregnant women and new mothers. Beautanicae were interested in expanding the market transnationally, and therefore were interested in routes to market in the Republic of Ireland. The student project therefore, involved undertaking an assessment of business and scientific research on key Beautanicae products from an Irish perspective.

Impact & Outcomes

The students from UCD compiled a consultancy report for Beautanicae, exploring the market potential for their products in the Republic of Ireland and possible routes to product innovation. The report focussed on the pharmacy market by identifying potential distributors and evaluated competitors. The report also explored possible R&D avenues by suggesting developments to products that would target the ‘green’ market and suggestions as how to make packaging of products more sustainable. The report also highlighted potential EU funding steams to which the company could apply to for future research and development activities.

The transnational element of this placement undoubtedly had benefits for the company, gaining insight into a new section of the European market that would have been difficult to do so without this collaboration. The collaboration also had multiple benefits for the students, helping them use their research knowledge in an applied setting, boosting their CV and improving their employability.

“As an advanced engineering student, working in a different area (consumer products) with a French SME presented a new learning experience that required both technical communication, and also informal communication, with companies and pharmacies. Both challenging and highly rewarding experience!”

JNB: student who undertook project


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