The Student Placement Programme

Transnational Graduate Support Programme
The Transnational Graduate Support Programme provides a facility for SMEs throughout the North West Europe region to access high calibre research and development support from a Europe wide network of talented undergraduate and postgraduate students. It is designed to enable students from within KARIM’s partner Universities to work with SMEs in other parts of the NWE to provide solutions to company specific research and development issues.
In so doing the placements aim to provide companies with access to knowledge and skill sets that may otherwise be unavailable to them locally, and the opportunity to collaborate transnationally across a diverse range of subject areas.
Duration Of Projects
Projects can last from 5 weeks to 6 months and are available for much of the year. Students typically visit the host company as would a consultant, with visits generally made at the beginning (to scope and agree the project objectives and goals) and the end (to present the final report / make recommendations) of the project.
On completion, the graduate consultant presents the participating company with a printed report and may also make a formal oral presentation of the project outcomes both to the Placement Provider, and to a group of peers if appropriate. Where project placements contain information of a commercially sensitive nature, peer presentations will only be made on agreement with the Placement Provider.
The placement programme is free of charge to participating companies and so the KARIM programme can only resource a very limited number of transnational site visits per student.
Where appropriate and with the agreement of the Placement Provider the KARIM Programme Team may ask to produce a Case Study detailing the outcomes of transnational industry based projects. Case studies will be used to showcase projects on the scheme website, and to promote its value to prospective companies and students (no case study material will be produced or released into the public domain without the prior approval of the participating company).
What kinds of project are suitable? 
The three essential elements of KARIM placement projects are that they are :

o Related to KARIM’s core focus areas (Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology, Environmental Technology, Environmental ICT, Energy Systems, Nanobio Science and Engineering, Biomedical Device Technologies)
o Academically demanding
o Achievable within the allocated timeframe

Providing these three criteria can be fulfilled, the majority of projects are suitable. By definition the longer term projects generally require a greater degree of application from the student than the shorter (five week) projects and may therefore require a more challenging brief from the participating company.
The KARIM Project Team can provide assistance in developing project briefs with companies if required, and can also advise on the suitability of topics to be undertaken as either short or long term projects as appropriate.
Benefits Of Student Engagement
The link below showcases the benefits enjoyed by a small Northwest England Utilities Management Company when supported by a Lancaster University Postgraduate student. The KARIM programme aims to bring about similar successes across transnational boundaries.
The KARIM student placements are available for much of the year, with the next cohort of students due to be placed in NWE partner companies during the spring and summer of 2012.
How To Register
Companies interested in accessing a student project should register their interest through this site to find out when and from where students may be available to them. Link to Register Interest Form.

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