Training Academic Actors

Training Academic Actors

Responsible Innovation is an emerging field and its importance is spreading across a variety of disciplines, including innovation management and entrepreneurship. Teaching these subjects in association with new and emerging technologies means that we must also consider the impact of responsible innovation, even though little experience and examples exist at present.

Benefits for academics

By recognising the importance of Responsible Innovation during the course of research programmes, scientists and academics will be increasingly able to find valuable applications for their scientific findings and will be better equipped to deal with the repercussions of unintended or overseen side effects. In addition, new products and market innovations are more likely to succeed when they are able to monitor and identify the value of their technology.

Benefits for teachers

For those that teach innovation management and entrepreneurship KARIM offers a variety of insights in terms of best practice that will help to integrate the concept of Responsible Innovation into their programmes. KARIM will help to co-design common strategies that enhance the capacity of researchers and students to consider the commercial application of their research and its impacts and application in new and existing businesses. These strategies will be used to inform existing training provision (to be made available transnationally) or the co-design of new provision.

Testimonials and case studies

KARIM offers a range of materials for academic researchers, entrepreneurs or innovation managers on how to bring new inventions into commercial applications. Selected course materials and case studies will be also be adapted to incorporate the concept of Responsible Innovation and these will be made available to all university members of the KARIM Network.
We will also develop shared transnational access to existing training programmes from each of the member universities and offer the opportunity to gain training in any of the KARIM member institutions.
In addition we will provide a variety of case studies on how to transfer specific scientific findings into new business opportunities that will answer some of the societal challenges we face. KARIM Network members can explore our current and archived materials on Responsible Innovation, innovation management and entrepreneurship. These resources are meant to serve as educational tools as well as inspire others to act upon their innovative ideas and we will be adding new material regularly – so don’t forget to check back and see what’s happening.

Expertise support

As part of the objective to transfer and share knowledge at a transnational level KARIM will expand existing regionally based Student Placement Programme in order to enable SMEs from the different partner regions to participate in the project. Students from across the different KARIM member institutions will also be able to participate in the transnational training programmes to build university capacities and provide a starting point for transnational collaboration.

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