Transnational Strategy Development


When an SME positions itself within a niche high-tech market it must quickly acquire a critical mass within the global marketplace and adapt its product(s), marketing and distribution to the characteristics of its target market(s).  To develop a winning strategy, it has been proven that international, technological partnerships are the best means of achieving this.

The Need for a transnational strategy evolves from:
• Demanding customers
• Changing customer tastes and trends
• Declining customer loyalty
• Shortening of product life cycles
• Diminishing product differences
• Increasing global competition
• Evolving technology

To remain competitive SMEs must begin to devise strategies to be competitive in the global marketplace.

Through training provided by this programme, either directly at events, or via materials that can be accessed via this website by simply registering at (Insert hyperlink) we will equip you to:
– Working in transnational teams/transnational teambuilding issues
– Manage creativity within your business and across different cultures
– Manage IPR in transnational collaboration
– Access and commercialise technology from overseas universities
– Use transnational partnerships for effective market research
– Develop transnational marketing strategies
– Present investment cases to transnational funding agencies/financiers
– Manage foreign investments in innovation projects

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