What Does Eco-Toxicology Mean to You?

'Waste Stream' by Urban Woodswalker

‘Waste Stream’ by Urban Woodswalker

There are several ways in which chemicals can enter the human body and environment.  Even where direct harm to humans may not be detected they may contaminate the air or water and can enter the food chain through plants, fish or other animals.

Using potentially toxic substances such as phthalates or brominated fire retardants is deemed undesirable and chemical regulations such as REACH force the use of certain substances to be phased out.

Zigzag Nanotube by Material Science

Zigzag Nanotube by Material Science

This Eco-Toxicology Report considers the areas of future work in the area of eco-toxicity, many of which are driven by the European REACH legislation. In addition to providing guidance on opportunities this foresighting work contains examples of companies that have taken advantage of market gaps and developed new business.

Download the KARIM Report on Eco-Toxicology (.pdf)

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