When Student Meets Company

Shaking Hands by Nicola Corboy

Shaking Hands by Nicola Corboy

The Student:

Emmanuel Ugbodaga is undertaking a Master’s programme in Environmental Management and Consultancy and through this became involved in the student exchange programme for KARIM. He states that one of the major attractions for joining Lancaster University was the industry based project and short internship programmes lined up within the programme. This meant

‘I could maximize industry experience together with rigorous taught modules in obtaining an overview of my field of specialty and determine in what area I would have the most impactful contribution.’

The Internship programme he undertook was for a firm in Paris called VERTEEGO that engages in providing environmental compliance solutions to major industry players in France for monitoring their carbon footprints. Emmanuel designed a set of environmental dashboards using data from Verteegos open data website and an environmental compliance software called JOLICHARTS.

Emmanuel says that the student programme isn’t just about the company. There were also other adventurous aspects of the programme,

‘like having to learn some major French vocabulary weeks before proceeding on the project. This however did not prevent me from missing my stops a couple of times. I even had a missed flight on my first trip while returning back to the UK. I guess this all adds up to the fun of undergoing an internship programme.’

In the end Emmanuel felt that

‘the internship programme was far more beneficial than I envisaged as it assisted me in choosing an appropriate research topic for my current industry based dissertation on Energy Efficiency Indicators’.

Emmanuel Ugbodaga - Student at LEC

Emmanuel Ugbodaga – Student at LEC

The Company: 

In response to the programme and the placement Verteego said:

‘Things hadn’t started so positively, but at the end of the mission, our team here at Verteego cannot question that overall this experience has been extremely positive: the student has done a good job of  executing his engagement (consisting of show casing a number of macro environmental KPIs using UK Open Data with our internal business intelligence / analytics / Big Data technology named Jolicharts), and also at revealing how we could improve our management methods for people working at a distance.

Without your respective organisations, the Lancaster Environmental Center at the University of Lancaster and the Paris Region Innovation Center, and without KARIM, we would’ve probably never had this interesting opportunity from many stand points: making people from different cultures work on a project remotely being one of them. If we had to apply again, we would definitely do’




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